Monday, 12 July 2010

Hadrian's Wall "Coast to Coast" Walk - Kit Needed

Kit is a very personal matter but some items are essential if you are to enjoy your “Coast to Coast” walk over five days. One thing you are unable to determine is the weather and after the good hot recent days we have been enjoying the weather forecasted for the week ahead is perhaps best described as “indifferent”.
A lot of tactics has gone into our route planning and timing thus it is important we also get our kit right. On the food front we are always passing through villages and small towns (we have identified stopping places each day) so other than small treats, water and energy drinks we should be okay.
The walking Group is split into two with two having their kit carried for them from B&B to B&B while the other two are to endeavour to carry the kit on their backs, stopping at campsites, camp barns and bunk houses. Essentially everyone will have their kit split in the following ways:
• Staying in B&Bs - 1) Daily rucksack 30lr and 2)kit bag
• Backpacking – 1) Large 80lr rucksack and overnight bag for stay in Newcastle.
Walking Equipment and Clothes etc.
Kit Bag/overnight bag
Ruck Sack
Walking Poles (optional)
Boots – (make sure these have been water proofed)
Approach Shoes for camping
Waterproofs (Jacket & Trousers) – (again essential these are good quality and recently water proofed)
Waterproof cover for rucksack
Walking Shorts (1)
Walking Trousers (1)
Walking Socks (3)
Lining Socks (3)
Gloves (2)
Hats (2)
Sweat Towels (3)
Wet wipes
Shower Towel (1)
First Layer (3) – wicking with one long sleeved and the other two short sleeved
2nd Layer (Light fleeces) (2)
(Have all clothes in stuff bags to compress)
Water Bottle
Head Torch + batteries.
Sun cream
Insect repellent
Toiletries (personal)
Mirror for shaving
Hand washing gel
First Aid Kit (personal)
Food (treats)
Looking Glasses (optional)
Sun Glasses
Clothes line + washing liquid
Stuff Bag for dirty washing
Waist bag for money other essential items
Map and route book
Clothes for evening wear
Trousers (1)
Pants (2)
Socks (1)
Shirts (2)
Shorts (optional)
Tee shirts (optional)
Sandals (B&B)
Shoes (B&B)
Camping Gear
Light one/two man tent + ground sheet
Tharermarest – (self blow up)
Sleeping bag (2/3 season) with silk liner (If very warm weather you can sleep in silk liner
Pillow (The listing is a personal one and others may differ in what they would take). Fraser Mackay 10th July, 2010.

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