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Equipment and medical supplies


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This is an area that took a lot of research to complete and between
equipment and medical requirements putting all this together is an expensive
exercise. I am making a listing as people reading the site now and in the
future might find the section useful in compiling their own listings. I
thank all the people who did give me advice. People need to seek their own medical advice.
Equipment (Weight limit for kit bag - 15kgs/33lbs)

Tent (Hired)
Sleeping Blanket - have your own and would not recommend hiring (4 or 5 season bag) and sleeping bag liner. Adds to warmth and prevents washing bag which is not good for it.
Thermarest - have your own and would not recommend hiring
Thermal underwear – marino
Boots (1 pair) Lightweight. (4 season boots for winter conditions or even plastic boots for high altitude
Approach shoes (1 pair)
Spare Lace
Walking socks ( 4 pairs) + liner socks (2 pairs)
Gaiters (1 pair)
Flight Socks (1 pair)
Foot care - will be doing more work than they're probably used to so take great care of them. If you feel a "hot spot" or a blister developing, stop immediately and cover it with a tape or gel plaster before it is too late to prevent damage.
Trekking Trousers (I pair)
Trekking Shorts (2 pairs)
Waterproof over trousers (1 pair)
Underwear (3 pairs pants + 1 thermal long johns)
Knee Supports - could be needed on a long trek
Waterproof Jacket with hood(1 pair)
Down Jacket with hood(1 pair)
Fleeces (3 pairs)
Thermal base layer shirts (2 short, 2 long)
T-shirts (2 pairs)
Casual shirts (2 pairs)
Swimming trunk
Watch (make sure it is adequate for extreme weather conditions)
The layering principles - understand this
Lightweight thermal gloves (2 pairs)
Waterproof over gloves (2 pairs)
Glove liners such as capilene
Thermal balaclava
Warm Hat
Sun Glasses - glacier glasses and don't skip out on these
Reading Glasses - if needed
Goggles for high altitude and snow spin drift
Wash bag and toiletries
Razor + blades
Deodorant – under arm + body
T. brush/paste
Sun protection cream + lip & nose protection (SPF 40 or better) (Boots have sun and after sun with insect repellent)
After sun lotion
Clothes line plus pegs
Travel wash
Antibacterial hand wash (2 tubes)
Wet wipes anti-bacterial (4 packets)
Creams needed
Toilet roles (3)
Pee Bottle/Slipper for women
First Aid Kit
Insect repellent (75-100%deet)
Malaria tablets
Diamox tablets
Blister pack
Diarrhoea tablets Ciprofloxacin 500mg tablets (One twice a day) and obtained under a private prescription
Antibiotics for really bad stomach upsets
Blister treatments
Sole Euca Menth Cough Tablets
Foot cream
Make sure you have visited your doctor for required inoculations
Other Essential Items
Ice axe (Walking)
Walking poles, snow baskets and crampons
Rucksack + liner(s) + rain cover+locable cover. Adjust strapes to fit properly on your back.
Water bottles (2 x 1lr)
Energy tablets or energy powder to mix in your water bottles
Torch and head torch
Survival Bag
Spare bulbs and batteries (keep warm at all times to prevent these going flat)
Camera + storage cards. Ensure that you have adequate storage and that you are able to charge your batteries. (Solar battery charger)
Kit bag + lock
Dry bags to store clothes in kit bag
Pen knife + scissors (these and any other item that could be construed as offensive weapons should be packed in your check-in baggage)
Duck tape
Needle and thread
Stickers to be placed on items to recognise them
Travel Clothes etc
Fleece Jacket
Walking Boots as case could be lost.
Waterproofs + warm jacket
(Rucksack as carrier on plane)
Mobile and charger + charger world plug
Ear plugs
Bag to leave clothes in hotel
Labels + distinguished marking for luggage
Reading Material
Jotting paper
Addresses for postcards
Info on Nepal + map
Maintain a diary of events on daily basis
Record what pictures were taken on a particular day (Nos. 1- 34)
Pen (2)

Air tickets
Credit/debit cards
Money and money belt (Take US$ as reserve currency)
Insurance cover documentation (travel/medical/cancellation)
Addresses for parties you wish to send postcards to
Fruit pastels
Dried fruit
Gifts for Nepal
Sweets 4 kids on route
Charity Bears
Other Items
Keep items in the same place in your kit bag and in your rucksack. This way you will find them easier
Know kit weight limits as to plane and on trek. These will vary from carrier to carrier

If possible keep up to date to keep readers informed

The above is a useful check list for treks and other holidays but you may need to add to for certain specialist treks.

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